We fell in love.

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When Nick and Abby asked us to photograph their wedding in Alaska our first reaction was a resounding, "heck yeah!" Neither of us had ever been. We've always thought it would be a photographers paradise. We had no idea.

We planned our 10,000 mile trip so we could be there a few days early. Thinking we would do some day trips into the wilderness. It's nice to have plans. After our first night those plans were completely and happily thrown out. Our idea of just going out for a few hours didn't seem sufficient. From Anchorage, the Denali National Forest was a four hour drive. Fairbanks was six, so a big 1,000 mile circle would take easily two days.

We were without a plan and it was gloriously freeing. We drove. Stopped when the scene overcame our senses. Drove with our cameras in our laps. And stopped frequently.

Every ten miles the beauty that lay before us was even more spectacular than the one before. So much awe in one day can be dangerous. Imagine what two days did to us. Photography by Jerry and Denise will forever have a part of Alaska in our hearts. We snapped our shutters a lot hoping to do the land justice. Here's a slideshow of highlights. 

Style is subjective.

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"There is no accounting for taste"

It's been said time and again. Likely people keep saying this tried and true cliche' because examples of it's validity come to our attention regularly. No one can explain why they like one style over another. What's wrong with antique verses modern? It's a matter of opinion. 

In our photography we prefer images that are from genuine moments. No where is this truer than with children. It's our preference. Hopefully we aren't alone.

Speaking of which, style that is, if you noticed a new look to our web page no need to adjust anything. Jerry's been trying out some new looks. We are thinking of updating our image and this one could stick. Any thoughts on this one? 

Expectations and their management

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We all come to matters with our predetermined set of ideas of what's right.  In our minds it's how things should be. Weddings can be a hot bed for high (unrealistic?) expectations. For example, let's use a bride and groom hiring a wedding photographer. 

They both come with a differing set of expectations. Seems natural given that most men HATE getting their pictures taken and the women LOVE it, as long as they look wonderful.  Men look great in their suits 99.9% of the time. Those jackets give them the desired shape, regardless of their actual one. Women however, succumb to other factors and make choices that are not always in their best interest. Someone should have been more honest with them during shopping. Brides need to consider their curvy bridesmaids will look better and feel happier in a dress that enhances their best features. 

So if the bride has an EXPECTATION all her girls will be in the same strapless dress (!), and look fantastic for pictures, regardless of bodyshape, guess who will be disappointed with the outcome. Poof! Fairytail images ruined. 

Expectations can be vetted and probed to ensure the best outcome possible. Our advice for those hiring wedding photographers is to communicate your expectation! If you don't, it's almost guaranteed there will be utter disappointment with the results. Use Pinterest to collect images that you love and show them to your photographer. At least they will get an idea of what you love.

Now comes the photographer expectations part. I would personally love it if everyone in the bridal party was happy. And loved the bride and groom overflowing with gushy emotion. Is this expectation realistic? Of course not! Check your expectations at the door, please.

So how do we rectify the problem? Well Albert Ellis would ask us to have no expectations therefore, achieve happiness. We say communication is key to managing hopes, dreams and their outcomes. Talk to us. We are really good listeners.


Geoff & Leigh Ann's Wedding Story

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Beautiful weddings like Geoff and Leigh Ann's seem like an easy event to photograph. We've photographed over 85 weddings combined, so we've nailed down our style with confidence. It does take loads of knowledge, professional equipment and experience to cover different lighting scenes with this much consistency. But enough about that.

Photography by Jerry and Denise were delighted to be able to help out our friend Scott Craig Photography to cover the men getting ready, the ceremony and the reception. It's a big job for one photographer so we're always happy to help out. But it's why Jerry and Denise are thankful to come as a complete set, we can cover weddings as a well rehearsed team. You'll know us. We photographed your engagement session. It works out great to be comfortable for your wedding day photography. 

In case you love the venue, The Omni at Champions Gate Orlando was the gorgeous site for this lovely affair. We made a quick slideshow of our favorites. Enjoy!



Love adding something new.

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The Collage. It's the faces, every single one. We love them all. And now they are forever part of our lives. We can't wait to see more little toddler faces. Call us today to schedule a session.

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